Introduction to the Viva Viagem Card

Viva Viagem is an individual and non-transferable card with wireless technology, which only enables you to credit on one product at a time; it was particularly created for non-frequent customers.

Cost of the Viva Viagem card at Scotturb

You can purchase the Viva Viagem card for 50 cents, and it may only be sold together with a credit for transportation units, where each unit costs one cent.



Scotturb points of sale and credit for the Viva Viagem card

1 | Points of sale
2 | Authorised agents



Scotturb products and Scotturb-related products, which may be credited on the Viva Viagem card

1 | MOV+ (1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, or 5000 UN packages)
2 | Visitors
3 | Villa Express 4 Palaces Round-Trip Ticket
4 | Pena Circuit Round-Trip Ticket
5 | Daily Tour
6 | Bus & Train

Viva Viagem card validation process

1 | Press one of the arrow keys on the validating device so that the available products will appear on the screen.

2 | Select MOV+ using the arrow keys and confirm by pressing OK.

3 | Bring the Viva Viagem card to about two inches from the blue light on the validating device.

4 | If the Viva Viagem card is valid, the validating device will beep and the value of the MOV+ product will be automatically debited from the card’s balance.

Checking the Viva Viagem card balance

1 | When validating the ticket, on the bus, the validating device will provide information on the number of transport units that are still available on the card.

2 | Customers may, at any given moment, request information regarding the balance of their Viva Viagem card at a point of sale or authorised agent.

Viva Viagem card expiration

The Viva Viagem card remains valid for one year after purchase, during which it may be credited as often as you want.

Once this term has ended, the Viva Viagem card may no longer be credited, but you may still use it as long as there is credit on it.

1 | If during this period of time the card stops working due to a malfunction, that is, there are no visible damages, it may be replaced with no extra costs for its owner.

2 | After this period of time, or if there are visible damages, its owner must pay for a new card.

Viva Viagem card after-sales assistance

If the Viva Viagem card has been properly credited and stops working, customers may go to a Scotturb point of sale with the card and proof of credit.

Card replacement

Within the warranty period and no visible damages | The card is replaced with no extra costs.

After the warranty period has expired or with visible damages | There will be charges for replacement.

Credit transfer

If it is possible to read the faulty card 

1 | Credits will be transferred straight away at any point of sale.

2 | Credits will be transferred within five workdays at any authorised agent.

If it is not possible to read the faulty card

1 | Credits will be transferred within five workdays at any point of sale or authorised agent.