Bus Decoration Competition Rules

Royal Express by Scotturb

Regulation - Bus Decoration Contest

1. framework
The tender for the decoration of Express passenger service buses, developed by Scotturb, has as main objective to connect metropolitan cities, which still do not have direct connections to the municipalities operated by Scotturb, Cascais and Sintra. A new exclusive route will connect these cities, to the north of Portugal, OPorto.

2. Theme
The theme of the competition is "Connecting Cities, Portugal".

3. Objective
The competition aims to develop new solutions for our customers, as well as to complete existing solutions. To represent direct links that connect cities, generations, customs and traditions through the creation of an image for the decoration of a bus.

4. Recipients
The competition is aimed at all creative and curious people who are dedicated to the arts of image and who are interested in producing a decoration proposal.

5. Participation
Proposals must be delivered to Scotturb by September 3, 2019 by email or upload your proposal at: https://scotturb.shortstack.com/rB8fzV.

6. Presentation of works
Proposals must respect the space indicated for this purpose (2 sides and rear), as per the layout attached.
The Royal Express logo must appear on all 3 sides of the bus.
Final proposals must be vectorized and delivered in PDF or AI.
The work must be original in its entirety.
Scotturb reserves the right to proceed with the total or partial graphic adaptation of the image, if justified, for the purpose of producing the vinyl.

7. Evaluation criteria
The works are evaluated by the Communication, Image and Innovation Office and submitted to the final approval of the company's Management, considering the originality, creativity and quality of the image, as well as the suitability of the work to the defined objective.

8. Announcement of the winner
The winning proposal will be known by September 5th. It will be awarded with 200 euros.
The selected work will be published on the company's social networks and website.

9. Final considerations
It is considered that, upon delivery of the works, the participants assign the intellectual property rights to Scotturb.
All the works in the competition will be presented to Scotturb's Communication, Image and Innovation Office, through an exhibition at its Adroana facilities, on a date to be defined.

Any clarifications should be requested to Scotturb's Communication, Image and Innovation Office, by phone or email.

Download Mockup - Bus