Children's Day competition rules

Scotturb is promoting a competition entitled "The most creative phrase, containing the words: Children's Day, Zoo, Scotturb and Scotty, wins triple tickets for a day at Lisbon Zoo", as follows:


  1. Duration and access

1.1 The competition runs from May 28 to May 30, 2018 and consists of writing an original sentence about Children's Day at Lisbon Zoo, sponsored by Scotturb and the Scotty mascot.

1.2 This competition is only available via Scotturb's Facebook page at and Instagram at


  1. Rules for participation

2.1. The competition is aimed at all fans of Scotturb's Facebook page and Instagram (to become a fan you must "like" or "follow" the respective pages) who "post" an original sentence containing the words mentioned in the points above.

2.2 There is no limit to the number of sentences per participant.

2.3 Entries that do not cumulatively meet the conditions for participation set out in the previous paragraphs will be excluded.

2.4 Participants in the competition may be Scotturb employees or family members of employees.


  1. Jury

3.1. The sentences will be evaluated by a jury who will decide on their originality and creativity and will choose the 2 best sentences.

3.2 The jury will be made up of members of Scotturb.


  1. Prize

4.1. The 2 most original sentences will be awarded triple tickets (which can be used until November 29, 2018).

4.2. The prize cannot be exchanged or converted into money.


  1. Announcement of the winning phrase and awarding of the prize.

5.1. The winning phrases will be announced on Scotturb's Facebook and Instagram pages on May 30, 2018 from 12:00 noon.


  1. Exclusion

6.1 Scotturb reserves the right to delete, without prior notice, posts that use offensive language, promote intolerance or hatred or have commercial objectives.

6.2 Failure to comply with the conditions set out in these regulations will result in the exclusion of the participant and Scotturb refusing to award the prize, regardless of whether the name of the participant has been disclosed as the winner.


  1. General provisions

7.1 Scotturb reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of these regulations without prior notice.

7.2 The winners agree that their phrase and their name may be made public as part of the competition and they give up the rights to use the phrase, with Scotturb being authorized to use the phrases freely for any purpose it sees fit without any compensation being required of them, be it remuneration, compensation or otherwise.

7.3 Participation in this competition necessarily implies full and unreserved acceptance of these regulations.


  1. Data Collection and Privacy Protection

8.1. The data collected as part of this competition will be processed in accordance with the applicable legislation.

8.2 Scotturb undertakes to respect the legislation on the protection of participants' data privacy and to process this data only for the purposes identified in this regulation, as well as to ensure that this data is processed with adequate levels of security.