Aware of society's growing demands in terms of mobility, onboard safety, environmental sustainability and well-being at work, our daily activity is based on and guided by our management policy, where we make the following commitments:

INNOVATE in mobility solutions.

Giving priority to the needs and expectations of our customers.

TO VALUE and promote the continuous improvement of the service offered and the results achieved, by adopting mechanisms to monitor and increase the efficiency of our processes, our performance, and eliminate waste.

PROMOTE road safety.

ENCOURAGE consultation, communication, and active participation of our employees to promote efficiency, improve processes, and meet our goals.

PREVENT pollution, use natural resources efficiently and sustainably, rationalize energy, and contribute systematically to protecting the environment.

TO PROVIDE occupational safety and health conditions that will prevent and minimize injuries, wounds, and damage to the health of all those who perform tasks under our responsibility.

ANTICIPATE hazards, reduce and eliminate occupational safety and health risks.

STRENGTHEN our employees' awareness of environmental protection and reduction of Safety and Health risks for everyone, including customers.

COMPLY with all compliance obligations, regarding contractual, legal, or other applicable requirements.

DEVELOP organizational knowledge by increasing skills and internal motivation.


Trips and national and international road transport of passengers.

Approved by Management on 01/04/2021